There are many sizes and dimensions of beds available in the market to suit your needs. Apart from the single bed, twin bed, queen bed, king bed etc; the double bed is the most common. A double bed can be defined as ‘a wide bed meant for accommodating two occupants’. Double bed is basically the next size up from the twin bed and it is sometimes referred to as the full bed. The double is bed is very popular because of the fact that the size is small enough to fit into a small room but large enough to accommodate two sleepers.

Uses of a double bed

The double bed can be put to use in the following places 
For single people who want more roomFor couples who cannot afford a king size bedIn double occupancy hotel roomsIn the master bedroom shared by a couple Thus the double bed has many uses. Many sofas can be converted into double beds when there are extra guests.

Advantages and disadvantages of the double bed

Advantages – The double bed has many advantages. Firstly it can occupy 2 people and still fit into a small flat or studio apartment. Secondly it is very easy to find sheets for the double bed and they are comparatively inexpensive and readily available Disadvantages – The disadvantage of a double bed is that, although it can fit 2 people, it is still narrow so there are chances that it might be uncomfortable. It is just a compromise from the king bed for people who do not have a big budget.

Dimensions of a double bed

Though there can be variations in the dimension the standard dimension of a double bed is 54 Inches by 75 inches. Thus it is just 15 inches more than the twin bed but has the same length. But it leaves only 27” of personal space for each of the occupants, thus making it a bit cramped. Therefore if you are uncomfortable you can go for a 54” by 80” one but it is very uncommon.

Cost and varieties and variations of the double bed

The double bed is more expensive than the single bed obviously but not twice as costly. You can find one that suits you between 500 to 1500 dollars if you do not go for very expensive ones if you have two twin beds then put them together and make a double bed. There are many varieties of the double bed in terms of colors, patterns and materials used and you can find ample varieties in the market to pick from. If you want a variation in the dimension it can be possible if you make a customized double bed, although it might turnout to be more expensive and there will be a problem to find the right sized sheets!

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