Choosing The Right Mattress For Your Home In Charlotte


If you have read our take on latex vs. other mattresses, then you already have some knowledge about how traditional spring, memory foam and airbeds stack up to natural Talalay latex. But we at Dilworth Charlotte Mattress store also understand that it is not feasible that anyone mattress will satisfy everybody.  So when you are starting to choose the next mattress that you may be sleeping on for the next decade or two, follow some easy steps to make sure you are making the right decision.

Assess your current mattress

The first thing to do is to lie down on your current mattress and pay attention to what it is doing and how you feel.  What is it made of? Is it too firm or too soft? Do you wish for more contouring, more support or more softness?  Each question you ask yourself will help you understand how you sleep and what may be the shortcomings of your current mattress.


Learn about different mattress types

Next, do your research.  Read online about the advantages and disadvantages of each mattress type, available brands, and even specific models.  An understanding of every kind of technology will give you a better sense of how mattresses are supposed to function and you may soon find yourself gravitating towards one.  If you can, visit a mattress store and try out a few – but it is not entirely necessary.

Visit online stores

You have practical advantages as an online consumer.  If a company offers a risk-free sleep trial, then you can order a mattress and try it out for up to 90 days with no obligation.  The only caveat is that you take extra good care of the mattress and not damage it in any way – otherwise, the company may not take it back.

Finally, don’t completely throw away your old mattress until you’re completely sure about the new one!

Naturally inspired sleep. Doesn’t that sound the best? In this day and age, we are presented with a multitude of sleep aids, medications, methods and accessories that try to promise a full night’s rest. But in truth, you only need to go as far as looking at your mattress. A 100% all-natural latex mattress offers the best possible option for those who not only desire benefits such as reduced pressure points and better circulation, as well as stopping tossing and turning but are also concerned about allergens, or simply wish to go green.

At Dilworth Mattress, we source our top-grade, 100% natural latex from the USA – arguably the best there is.  All of our models are then manufactured in our state of the art factory in Charlotte NC and finally shipped directly to you. This means that every mattress is in essence fresh off the assembly line, in pristine condition, and can be offered at exceptionally low prices.

Read below for more detailed information regarding the benefits that Dilworth Mattress has to offer.

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