Choosing The Right Mattress For Your Home In Charlotte

Choosing The Right Mattress For Your Home In Charlotte


If you have read our take on latex vs. other mattresses, then you already have some knowledge about how traditional spring, memory foam and airbeds stack up to natural Talalay latex. But we at Dilworth Charlotte Mattress store also understand that it is not feasible that anyone mattress will satisfy everybody.  So when you are starting to choose the next mattress that you may be sleeping on for the next decade or two, follow some easy steps to make sure you are making the right decision.

Assess your current mattress

The first thing to do is to lie down on your current mattress and pay attention to what it is doing and how you feel.  What is it made of? Is it too firm or too soft? Do you wish for more contouring, more support or more softness?  Each question you ask yourself will help you understand how you sleep and what may be the shortcomings of your current mattress.


Learn about different mattress types

Next, do your research.  Read online about the advantages and disadvantages of each mattress type, available brands, and even specific models.  An understanding of every kind of technology will give you a better sense of how mattresses are supposed to function and you may soon find yourself gravitating towards one.  If you can, visit a mattress store and try out a few – but it is not entirely necessary.

Visit online stores

You have practical advantages as an online consumer.  If a company offers a risk-free sleep trial, then you can order a mattress and try it out for up to 90 days with no obligation.  The only caveat is that you take extra good care of the mattress and not damage it in any way – otherwise, the company may not take it back.

Finally, don’t completely throw away your old mattress until you’re completely sure about the new one!

Naturally inspired sleep. Doesn’t that sound the best? In this day and age, we are presented with a multitude of sleep aids, medications, methods and accessories that try to promise a full night’s rest. But in truth, you only need to go as far as looking at your mattress. A 100% all-natural latex mattress offers the best possible option for those who not only desire benefits such as reduced pressure points and better circulation, as well as stopping tossing and turning but are also concerned about allergens, or simply wish to go green.

At Dilworth Mattress, we source our top-grade, 100% natural latex from the USA – arguably the best there is.  All of our models are then manufactured in our state of the art factory in Charlotte NC and finally shipped directly to you. This means that every mattress is in essence fresh off the assembly line, in pristine condition, and can be offered at exceptionally low prices.

Read below for more detailed information regarding the benefits that Dilworth Mattress has to offer.

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Get 3 quotes on your new roof

Get 3 quotes on your new roof

Getting work done on your roof can be an expensive business, however, there’s one simple way to reduce costs drastically – make sure you compare quotes from the best roofing companies in your area. You can then ensure that you’re only getting the most competitive price from local reputable roofers. But how do you get all of these quotes? Surely it takes ages to ring around them all? Well, thanks to this site you only have to fill in a simple form, before receiving tailored roofing quotes from up to four local companies. So, the whole process only takes a few seconds! Roof insulation is a vital part of any home, as it keeps the warmth in – plus it provides a barrier against the cold outside air. Many homes already have this installed, but if your home doesn’t, you should really consider it. Once installed, you’ll notice a massive difference – both to the temperature and to your heating bill.

Image result for roofingIf you already have roof insulation, it’s also really important to have it checked once in a while, just to ensure it’s still doing its job. Any good roofing company will be happy to do this, and will also give you an honest overview of how the insulation could be improved or repaired. Why not get some quotes right now by filling in the form at the top of this page? Of all the parts of a house, the roof is undoubtedly the one that’s neglected most when it comes to cleaning. But why should it be? After all, a clean roof makes the entire building look better, and there are many companies able to carry out the job in your area – for a price you can afford. Roof windows and skylights are incredibly popular, especially with those who have carried out a loft conversion. Installing them is a specialist job that should only ever be carried out by an expert, and you’ll be able to find a number of experts right here on this site.
Once installed, there’s still also the requirement to have them checked every so often, as they are completely exposed to the elements. This means that it is vital to check that they are still weatherproof and to see if any small repairs are needed. These checks don’t take too long and therefore aren’t prohibitively expensive. Regardless of your reason for needing a roofing specialist, you’ll find a number of experienced ones here on this site. All you need to do is fill in your details at the form at the top of this page, and you’ll receive a number of quotes about your job.

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The Double Bed

There are many sizes and dimensions of beds available in the market to suit your needs. Apart from the single bed, twin bed, queen bed, king bed etc; the double bed is the most common. A double bed can be defined as ‘a wide bed meant for accommodating two occupants’. Double bed is basically the next size up from the twin bed and it is sometimes referred to as the full bed. The double is bed is very popular because of the fact that the size is small enough to fit into a small room but large enough to accommodate two sleepers.

Uses of a double bed

The double bed can be put to use in the following places 
For single people who want more roomFor couples who cannot afford a king size bedIn double occupancy hotel roomsIn the master bedroom shared by a couple Thus the double bed has many uses. Many sofas can be converted into double beds when there are extra guests.

Advantages and disadvantages of the double bed

Advantages – The double bed has many advantages. Firstly it can occupy 2 people and still fit into a small flat or studio apartment. Secondly it is very easy to find sheets for the double bed and they are comparatively inexpensive and readily available Disadvantages – The disadvantage of a double bed is that, although it can fit 2 people, it is still narrow so there are chances that it might be uncomfortable. It is just a compromise from the king bed for people who do not have a big budget.

Dimensions of a double bed

Though there can be variations in the dimension the standard dimension of a double bed is 54 Inches by 75 inches. Thus it is just 15 inches more than the twin bed but has the same length. But it leaves only 27” of personal space for each of the occupants, thus making it a bit cramped. Therefore if you are uncomfortable you can go for a 54” by 80” one but it is very uncommon.

Cost and varieties and variations of the double bed

The double bed is more expensive than the single bed obviously but not twice as costly. You can find one that suits you between 500 to 1500 dollars if you do not go for very expensive ones if you have two twin beds then put them together and make a double bed. There are many varieties of the double bed in terms of colors, patterns and materials used and you can find ample varieties in the market to pick from. If you want a variation in the dimension it can be possible if you make a customized double bed, although it might turnout to be more expensive and there will be a problem to find the right sized sheets!

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Bedroom Designs And Decorations

You don’t need a high priced designer to put together a great bedroom. We’ll give you tips on how to use paint, bedding and accessories to get a designer look. We’ll point you towards great products that you can use to complete your look and even give you tips on how to decorate on a tight budget.

Combing great bedroom designs and decorations can give your room a whole new look without doing any major construction or remodeling. Even the look of your floors can be changed just by adding some throw rugs and you won’t believe the difference an inexpensive coat of paint can make.

Inside you will find dozens of design themes and tips on how to create them yourself. We’ll point you towards some of the accessories that we’ve picked out to get that decorator look and even link you to some great bedding ensembles that will turn your bedroom from boring to beautiful!

At Bedroom Designs and Decorations, we’ve done the work of picking out the accessories and bedding for each decorating theme. We’ll show you how to find the stuff you need for less and how to get great values on bedding and accessories.

And don’t forget that the right lighting can really set the mood in your bedroom. Make sure you buy some great novelty Lighting to put on your bureaus and tables to add character to the room and provide some accent lighting.

Area rugs can make a huge difference in the look of your room, especially if your current rug just doesn’t match your new décor. If you don’t want to replace the rug, you can simply cover it up with some great area rugs. Be sure to shop online at Rugman where you will find a huge selection and can see substantial savings along with free shipping from many merchants.

You don’t need to rearrange any furniture to use our bedroom designs and decorations tips, but sometimes moving things around can make a big difference and make your room appear more spacious or more cozy depending what your needs may be. No need to waste time and energy moving things around to see how they look only to move them again when they didn’t achieve the look you wanted when you can use this 3D Home Design Tool: Create your perfect home online! Select appliances & furniture etc. You can use it to move your bedroom furniture around online!

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